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Diabolical Diorama

Diabolical Dioramas Wow Ms Crous!

The Grade 5’s are creating a diorama to create awareness of the Riverine Rabbit’s plight, namely it being so endangered that there are only 250 or so bunnies left.  These are our rabbits.  They do not live in any other country and we need to look after them.

We learned so much about these beautiful bunnies.  What makes them unique and how they live their daily lives.

Please look at our project to see how I have structured the project.  You are welcome to use any of my ideas.  Please simply honour my work by citing where you got the ideas from.

It is such a busy project that I didn’t get the chance to take photos of our kids working. That said, I can’t wait to show you their progress.

It is a brain twisting concept for the kids to understand.  They are cutting away what they do not want you, as an audience to see: the air.  In the drawing and painting world we are used to adding what we do want to see.  Often they cut a line only to discover that an entire part of the picture falls out.  Shame I feel for them but they are learning quickly.  The knives, the cutting and the concept is all quite new to the children so a bit of loving patience is really needed with this project.


I just can’t wait to see the finished product!


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