Art · Elkanah

Blue Dogs 

Today the Grade 4’s are adding hot patterns to the background of their blue dogs.  A lovely theme linking with the guide dog association and AACL outing in Grade 4.

You are welcome to see the project brief for this project at this link.

I link the mark sheet or checklist to their Google Classroom as I believe it is important to give children the transparency with their marks and the opportunity to get full marks.  They may have forgotten certain instructions or details from the first lesson and the checklist is a way of reminding them.  I specifically ask them to tell me if I am marking how beautiful their work is. I ask them if it is their skill level I am marking. 

It is important that they know that I am looking to upskill them. I am not giving the best marks to the prettiest artworks. Each skill is being marked separately. How unfair it would be to just be looking at neatness or beauty when there are children doing their best to mix colours or draw their dog big but they do not have the nack to make a beautiful picture. They should be rewarded for their efforts.  Talent is often God given at this young age.  Children with talents in other areas of life should not be exempted from excelling because of a teachers way of marking. This thought process has taken me many years to refine and I am still working on it.

Once the painting is complete I like to encourage the children to use pastel to neaten up lines, add texture and pattern and to add any new little ideas that have come up since starting the project.  This is then the finishing touch before putting their name, surname and class on the front.

I hope you enjoy the peek into us working in class.  If you have any tips, questions or comments please feel free to comment.  We love to read them and reply.


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