Art · Elkanah

Marog Madness

The Grade 5’s are finishing up their own Marog Monster creations.   The monsters were based on a poem called “The Marog”.  A wonderful poem in my opinion. So full of imagery.  Please see my project blog post on this. 

The Grade 5’s have used chalk and chalk pastel, rich in colour and potential.  They have learned some techniques: to blend from one colour into another, to cross-hatch, stipple, feather and twist the colours.  The Grade 5’s painted the background with craft paint as it needed using and made a lovely flat area which doesn’t compete for attention with the monster.

While some have struggled to keep the outlines of the chalk clear, the colours bright or to use more than one technique, many have embraced the way the chalk works so beatifully layer on layer.  They have captured the texture of the hair or skin or clothing with their chosen techniques and kept a neat bright monster.  

We all grow in our own time and way.  We each have our own style in the creative world.  We are unique. This must be embrassed by both the audience and the creator.  Enjoy who you are and what you see in the moment.  


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