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What’s the Point (of Emphasis)?

The Penguins got together in Visual Art to do a one hour lesson. I usually struggle to do these short lessons as I find creation takes time. Especially with children. If it takes me ten minutes it will take then 30 to 40 minutes. 

We looked at various examples to explore and discuss the point of emphasis in art works.  Then with a brief on expectations the kids each received a square of paper and a koki to make line drawings.  Now beginning of most classes, while in line the kids choose a stone, prepainted by me, from a box.  The colour then tells each child which desk they are sitting at and thus the group they are working with.  I love this as it mixes the children up randomly for each lesson.  The kids love it because two of the stones are not painted and thus worth a merit each. Free merits, what!?   In this project we needed one child to draw with a red koki to creating the point of emphasis square. The two kids who took the merit stones Ching Ching Cha’ed for the red koki. 

A great short project! They loved the size and randomness.  They loved being able to make more than one square and loved moving the squares around to put them in some order for gluing down.  Enjoy the photos below!

​ Look at this little clip. These kids are so cute the way they work together.  Just got to love them!


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