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4 Contour Lines

IMG_0390I sit here at break listening to the busy children outside.  Loud laughter and happy little voices filtering into my classroom from the field.  Marimbas play with a full African sound upstairs in the hall and I am happy to be back at school and busy again.  The days roll past so quickly that sometimes I wonder how to properly catch them to use the time we have together before my children leave.  Before they become those big teenage high school kids who were once mine.  I adore them at this primary stage.

Welcome back everyone! May second term be better than last years and may reports be ever in the back of your mind so that there is not a crunch at the end.

The Grade 4’s are doing a last bit about lines.  An element of art.

I am currently fascinated by GIF’s or animated pictures so here are two of my Grade 4’s working.

They had to draw their hands using blind contour drawing and their friend using seen contour drawing.  They were not allowed to lift their pencils in the ten minute turn that they had to draw.  They had to sit very still and keep their mouths open if they were the model.

When asking for feedback I got words like: fun, challenging, hard, interesting, funny and thoughtful.  Most of them said they were surprised by how good their art looked and that they think they might have an artist inside.  I loved that!





2 thoughts on “4 Contour Lines

  1. My pupils find it hard to keep their mouths closed most of the time. It must be just as difficult to keep one’s mouth open for 10 minutes! Lovely photos and great post!

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