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Guinea Fowls Finish

The Guinea Fowls finished their chameleons today.

I love creating chameleons or guinea fowls with the grade 4’s as I know that Janine Duminy, a grade 4 teacher, loves them.  She also loves the colour orange but that’s a story for another day.  See more about the steps for the project below the photos of my loving children.

Please feel free to comment.

Should you want to do this project you could improve on the steps below:

♥  Links are underlined.

  • Watch inspirational videos to see what the chameleon looks like, how it moves and why it changes colour. 24-ADEL-Kuenstler-Aquarellfarbstifte-Water-colour-pencils-346000 (Linked post has two videos)
  • Learn about different kinds of lines, an art element.
  • Draw chameleons (in light colour pencil) making sure they fill the space well.  Draw in the branch after the chameleon is complete. It works better that way.
  • Use lots of different kinds of lines to create the patterns on your chameleon. (long, thin, thick, zigzag, diagonal, wavy, swirly…there are so many kinds)
  • Add a background.  It doesn’t have to be a tree.  Your chameleon might live in space or in the dark. Maybe it lives in your bedroom or on a tropical island.
  • If your chameleon and background were drawn in Aquacolour (water colour pencils) you would paint your background with water carefully and in small patches at a time so that the colours don’t just blend into a mucky mush.

Hope you have FUN with it!


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