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Terms and Conditions Apply

If you had the choice what rules would you create for an art room.  That typically wild, crazy, space where people get creative and relax.  If this description were wholly true would people really be able to be creative to the best of their ability?  Is it even fair to have terms and conditions at school?

On Google Classroom today I tried something new for my class. I added a link to a single Google Spreadsheet and asked the class to create their own rules for their art space.  They had 15 minutes to chat and work on it.  My tip was to ask what would keep the room, equipment, the teacher and each other safe. Thereafter, I gave them a few minutes to decide (by means of a coloured block on the left of each rule) which ones they deem worthy of a DEMERIT if broken.  I was then able to reveal what I had deemed worthy of demerits so that both the learners and I were heard.


I found this exercise to be so interesting and so telling.  Some things are repeated even after they were given time to change this.  Even the colours that they chose are interesting.  Please note that this was all achieved in under 30 minutes so they were not able to consider a colour scheme or too much editing.

This is definitely a worthwhile exercise to repeat with your own class and relatively quick.  Some rules could be laid down before starting for instance:  number your rule, have a demarcated area for rule writing and keep it relevant.

Hope you try this.

Simone Crous

PS: Feel free to comment on any of the rules or the idea in general.  We love to hear from you readers.


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